Sunday, March 02, 2003

Well, if protests are NOT being quashed...GOOD! Ah, er, ahem...RIGHT?

Maybe Clinton was just a better POLITICIAN than Bush. True, maybe what we really need are leaders in a time when we all get are politicians, good, bad or indifferent. Is a bad politician better than a good one? Who fucking cares? Maybe if you're STAUNCHLY pro-choice you should prefer that the net effect of any one politician's political maneuvering supports your position than that someone else's has dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's and ripped the guts out of what you say you stand for. You think a conservative-dominated government won't make use of the overturning of that "disgraceful" law for its own ends? Cough, cough, she says, very gently. Bottom line, all you have left these days is a choice about what you say is right, or at least MORE right. Is it more right if the right thing is done the wrong way, or if the wrong thing is done the right way? The larger question still remains: Why have our choices come down to only this?


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