Sunday, March 02, 2003

Dave!!! It's true!!! A Wal-Mart Super Center is coming to Elizabethton!!! While there are some who oppose it, progress marchs on!!!! The great mystery of it all is why anyone would oppose a company that keep prices low and competes mainly with Sears, JC Penny, and Target, I guess some folks just are against anything that does not meet their boheimian standards, it is that sort of cultural eliteism that costs us democrats elections. I don't know if they have Wal-Mart Super Centers in Sweeden, but I bet they wish they did!!!!

Tony, I would point out that there was never a story called "The Night Thoureu Spent Watching TV." One of the points of civil disobediance is getting arrested.... Ghandi and King both did jail time for thier beliefs. If the abortion protesters demonstrate, fine,,, but if they break the law in doing so, they should be arrested. If they organize across state lines in an effort to conspire to break the law, that falls under RICO, or should if the Supreme court interpreted the law as common sense says it should. Further, if anti-war prortesters, or Skynard fans, or the Fucking Prudes, conspire across state lines in an effort to break the law, they should be eligible for RICO as well. (Wouldn't a Prudes reunion be AWESOME!!! Perhaps for the Grand Opening of the Elizabethton Wal-Mart Super Center!!!!) And regarding civil liberties, when will the Republican/Conservatives stand up for the constitution?? Doesn't article one state that Writs of Certori cannot be suspended? Then why are innumerable persons arrested in the United States being held without access to courts or attorneys in Gitmo? Does the Geneva Convention superceed the Constitution of the United States in the Conservative New World Order? I mean, if getting a hummer in the oval office is grounds for impeachment, you would think that wipeing your ass on the Constitution would......

Dink, as there is little commercial appeal for Moonshine,, have you considered an international beer festival? We could have celebrity judges, and open drinking in the streets!!! For judges we could get George Wendt, Woody Harrelson, and Jenna Jameson (I am not familier with her work, but am told she is an expert on head.) Just imagine, a week of drinking beer in order to judge the best beers in the world, that is a plan I can support!


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