Sunday, April 20, 2003

I would suggest burning 3 cds' worth of individual tracks. For a true crash course that seems a lot more reasonable. More effort, I guess, but probably less money? That said, I think I'm saying:

1. Patti Smith- Horses
2. You Really Got Me-era Kinks
3. The Sweet, circa 1975 tied with The Knack, circa 1979

I'm assuming that you want him to understand that the goal is to make music that makes people want to kick holes in the wall...from a sheer frenzy of joy. And I imagine he's probably heard "Rock&Roll Pt. 1" since that's been bastardized by the sports world, but try to put it into context for him, poor soul.

Now, I'm positive this list will help generate the kind of climate some have missed on this here blog, but take the pepsi challenge: take everybody's list, eliminate the duplications, and play 'em three at a time against each other, try to imagine being fifteen again, and ask yourself, if you were on the verge of committing suicide, if you had the gun to your head, which three discs would stay your hand? Those would be the three I'd send him.


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