Friday, May 23, 2003

Movies...Anybody heard about the shit-storm at Cannes over Vincent Gallo's "Brown Bunny?" Seems those legendary European purveyors of cinematic sexuality are aghast because there's fellatio in it. Oh dear, oh dear...And of course what the American press has done with the story has been completely inaccurate as far as I can tell; I watched the press conference too and Chloe Sevigny did not appear to me to show "increasing distaste for Gallo's remarks," nor did he brag about firing Winona Ryder. He DID say she was too tanked on some kind of pill to work, which clearly was breaking some It-Girls club code of silence and made a lot of the press corps visibly nervous. Oh yeah, and Meg Ryan was sitting on his jury. So now his movie's being called "possibly the worst film ever shown at Cannes." (I'd like to see a list...Wasn't "The Night Porter" shown there, too?) It's like having your horse shot out from under you at the starting gate- twice, because he got robbed with "Buffalo '66," too. NOW I've got something to be mad at the French about.


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