Sunday, August 31, 2003

Hello everyone. I haven't posted or kept up for a while. Just thought I'd say hi and can't wait to see those of you who I'll be seeing soon. Also hi those of you who I'll be seeing "someday." And even to those of you who I may never see again, sadly. Hell, even to those of you I've never met. Hi, everybody.

Anyway, I do have this one Johnson City memory that is worth telling. I wonder if it's been told already. Some six or seven of us were looking for something to do one night back in 1988. I don't remember what month, but I believe it was in the late Spring. Kurt Hagardorn had some Pabst Blue Ribbon in his fridge, and we went to get more. The idea was to sit under the overpass and drink it, sort of like a group of scary loser trench coat teenagers in some bad movie about youth angst and disaffection. Yep. So, we go drink the beer under the overpass, which turns out to pass time a lot less well than you might imagine. After maybe a half hour or so, we decide to get up and go to a minor league baseball game or something. I don't remember. Just some other idea, but I think it may have in fact been a J.C. Cardinals game we were headed to. Doesn't matter. Anyway, Lisa Williams was last to get up and start making her way back to the car. We didn't notice when she got up, she totally clonked her head on a concrete beam and wound up back down on the ground.

She didn't scream. She didn't cry. She did nothing to alert us to her distress. We kept walking. When we made daylight, we all sort of gathered up and noticed that Lisa was still back there on the ground. She wasn't passed out. Just holding her head and saying something like "That wasn't good" over and over.

Pabst and concrete don't go well together. I can report to you that Lisa made a full recovery, but not that evening. We broke apart and gave up on the other idea (baseball?) that we had in mind. I took my belly full of Pabst down to Quarterback's, where Bleu Jackson was playing. Would you believe that Mr. Jackson walked over to me that night and said, "Man, you are WILD with all that 'Italian Women' and 'Moonshine Still'. Totally wild." Do you think it's possible that the people who created the character of Boomhauer on King of the Hill modeled his speech patterns on those of Mr. Bleu Jackson? Just a thought. Love ya, Blue.

Again, nice to "see" all of you. As ever.


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