Thursday, January 08, 2004

Will it never end???

So yesterday Ric and I have a discussion in the Blog about guns and today MSN has the following story:

"What do Britney Spears, the United Methodist Church, the St. Louis Rams and Hallmark Cards have in common? They're among the hundreds of celebrities, organizations and companies on the National Rifle Association's roster of entities that it considers hostile to gun-ownership rights.

The Fairfax-based NRA has compiled a 15-page list of supporters of the Brady law — which requires federally licensed gun dealers to do background checks on gun buyers — and other gun-control measures.

NRA spokesman Ted Novin said the list was solely for "informational purposes and that it's nothing new."

I ask you gentle readers, will Britney stop at nothing to get my attention?

Please Britney, it's not going to happen! How can I make it any plainer? It would never work out between us! We are from different worlds you and I, and while I am sure you are a truly wonderful person, between kissing Madonna, marrying and annulling your marriage to your friend from your home town and now this,,, well it is just all too much! So please! Let it go! I beg you!!!

And as far as the NRA saying this is nothing new.... well isn't that what you would expect them to say???


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