Friday, March 19, 2004

This just in from the LIBERAL MEDIA!!!!

USA Today has announced that one of its long time reporters has resigned from the paper and has been found to have fabricated stories, notably those involving terrorism and al-queda. The reporter, Jack Kelly, was a finalist for a Pulitzer prize and a speaker at the "Evangelical Press Association."

Also in today's Tennessean, an article that WTVF of Nashville ran a film provided by the Bush adminstration which simulated a news report but was in fact a PR film that touted the joys the republican medicare plan. WTVF was one of several stations around the country that fell for this ruse. Essentially, the film conned viewers into beleiving that the stations reporters had investigated the medicare scheme and found it to be wonderful, when in fact, it was all actors hired by the Bush adminstration.
This does not appear to violate the First Ammendment, as the Constitution allows the media the freedom to be stooges for Bush and Co if they so choose.

Between reporters fabricating terrorism stories and television stations being no more than mouth pieces for the right wing, one wonders if there are any media outlets that hold the public trust with any value anymore. As Tom Clancey said, "Why should I beleive you? You're a reporter."


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