Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Damn, Pat Boone, personal embodiment of evil,,,,, who would have ever thought it.......

Have enjoyed the blog the past week, though I have not had time to post to it, and I look forward to further sermons. Does anyone else find it surreal that Bush Inc. is questioning one of Kerry's Purple Hearts? Are they trying to say that making a Texas beer run is as dangerous as getting shot at by Viet cong? And why is it that all the White House folks that have attacked Kerry's war record are the ones that themselves never served at all? You havent heard Powell say anything about it at all,, but Chickenhawk Cheney has questioned if one of the three purple hearts was legitimate. Its as though I am listening to a losing player following a high school football game saying "Sure they beat us 45 to nothing, but that field goal shouldnt count cause the noseguard was off sides,,,,"


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