Saturday, April 10, 2004

News from the Bush Leagues

From the August 6, 2001 Presidential briefing described as a historical document by Condee:

"Nevertheless, FBI information since that time indicates patterns of suspicious activity in the country consistent with preparations for hijackings and other types of attacks..."

So if you were to say it was strickly a historical document,,,,

But that is not what I want to talk about today, Today I want to talk about the gay marriage issue, and where it comes from.

You know, when Clinton was President, gay marriage was not an issue in the country, so what has brought it to the forefront of sociatal debate? I think it is the morally lapsed Bush administration.

First, on the campaign trail in 2000, he says he favors civil unions,,

Then, you have Dick Cheney' lesibian relatives,,

Finally, you have Mrs. Cheney being the author of "Sisters", a historical novel of lesbian activity on the western frontier,,,,

So, America has allowed this sort of sorid decadence into the oval office, and now we are paying a moral price for it as the Republicans might say.

Back when the President was getting heterosexual blow jobs the country thrived,, but now look at the mess we're in!

Now, like most of the country, I dont give a rats ass about gay marriage, but I am a bit tired of those that do making me feel like I should give a shit. Seriously, prior to the Bush adminstration, you never heard of gay marriage much, so why now? Could it be it's an election year and somebody needs a wedge issue? For example:

Recently the right wingers of the Tennesee Legislature decided it would be a good idea if we had a law that refused to recognize gay marriages from other states, even though no other state currently is clear on recognizing their own,,,, but what makes this bill particularly interesting is that:


Hell, Tennessee doesn't even recognize common law marriage from other states!

But passing bills for photo ops is a long held republican tradition. Recently Bush signed into law "Laci and Conner's Law" designed to protect unborn children from thier mothers attackers. Under this law, if a murder is committed against a woman under federal jurisdiction, and she is pregnant, then it can be a second count of murder for killing the unborn child. Now some would argue that this is the first step in restricting abortion rights, and some may legitimately see it that way (do you charge the extra murder if she is unaware she is pregnant, or is just late?.) I think it is a good law, in fact, it is such a good law that almost every state has had it for years, and it has been tort law for sometime in this country nationwide (a wrongful death on a pregnant woman can result in 2 wrongful death suits, Tennessee requires, like most states, that the fetus be viable.)

But even that misses the point, which is that this law signed by Bush would not have applied in the Peterson case in any event, as she was not killed under federal jurisdiction anyway. Actually, few murders are, most are state crimes and like Petersons case, end up in state court! But that has never stopped this "President" from a good photo op.


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