Tuesday, March 23, 2004

News from Planet Bush

So, Richard Clarke, former Anti Terrorism chief for Bush has written a book saying that Bush wanted to blame 9/11 on Iraq all along. This book has been enough to send the Bush folks into a hissy fit, and has brought Condee Rice and "Dick" Cheney out to argue this in the media. Rice claimed on CNN that Clarke did not know what he was talking about as "he wasn't involved in most" meetings where such issues were discussed. "Dick" went on the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday and was interviewed by a known drug abusing social parasite, this gist of his position being that Clarke "wasn't in the loop on alot of this stuff."

So we are left with one of two positions to believe;

1) Clarke is telling the truth, Bush set his sites on Iraq without regard to any involvement on Iraq's part in the 9/11 attack, or;

2) The Bush anti-terroism program was developed without the antiterrorism chief being in the loop.

Ya know, neither one of these possiblities is very comforting, in fact, I have to wonder why Bush would want to draw attention to this failure by arguing with it....

Clarke by the way was originally appointed by Reagan, and served thru Bush the first and Clinton, so apparently 3 prior presidents valued his insight and wisdom. Too bad this one didn't.


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