Friday, March 19, 2004

A clarification

I should note that my last bile spewing rant was directed at three groups, those talking heads that are not in fact journalists (if it requires hairspray and mousse to do it then it probably ain't journalism), those print media elitists that won’t let a fact get in the way of their right wing rich guy bias, and those who still think there is any liberalism left in the dominant media, It was specifically NOT directed at those innumerable hard working underpaid local reporters who are just trying to do an important job with both some measure of integrity and dignity and often go under appreciated by raving loons like myself. If you can write a bitchin’ haiku, you can assume it was not directed at you. Just wanted to make that clear, as on my way home today it occured to me that I was painting with a fairly wide brush there, and that at least a couple of people that post on here are in fact reporters, and either of whom could probably kick my ass in a bar fight.


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