Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Whatever you say Rush....

Rush Limbaugh's morning update 5/11/04:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let me ask you a question: Have you noticed, since these prisoners [pictures?] of torture and abuse and misery and whatever you want to say--since these pictures came out, have you noticed that there are fewer attacks against Americans by Iraqi insurgents? Have you noticed that the death toll and the injury count is [sic] severely down--drastically down--since these pictures were made public? Now, the question is this: Do we dare a draw a connection? Do we say that these pictures have so shocked the insurgents and the other members of the enemy in Iraq that they don't want to get anywhere near this prison--anywhere near these female American prison guards and so they have reduced their activity and instances of violence against us? Well, let's say it's true: can anyone get away with saying this? I mean, right now the mentality is: this is so horrible; this is bad: this is disgusting; this is mean: this the worse America has ever been. Can there be any good derived from the release of these pictures? Can anybody make this connection and survive? Who would do it? I don't think it can be done, folks. But' I'll try. I'll do it."

Nice try, of course the right wing won't hold you to these words.....


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