Sunday, December 08, 2002

Rest assured, Bobby, someday this will all get straightened out and put together. My biggest concern right now is getting every scrap of material we can lay hands on. I'm particularly interested in visual material, if you have some surviving. Brook and I are talking about having a gathering over coffee sometime around the reunion shows and bringing a scanner and trying to digitize anything anybody's got, old flyers, t-shirts, etc. There is no date and time set yet, but EVERYONE, please, be thinking if you have souvenirs you want to share, and we'll get back to you on particulars.

I, too, have some fond memories of Trent, Steve Lee, Louie and James Woody flouncing around our apartment at Melubro wearing glamorous frocks they'd borrowed from Brook and Barb and myself. Those were some mighty decorous young men. I always wanted to add you and Gary to the mix, but the Elizabethton straight-edge brotherhood were hard lot to corrupt with our boozin', hallucinatin' ways. Timing is everything.


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