Friday, December 06, 2002

Elizabeth, if I may be so familiar as to call you by your first name, you needn't worry about losing your mystery woman status. As I observe the many blogs concerned with your true identity, it seems to me that you've gone beyond mystery woman and doppelganger, and have now passed into the realms of Urban Legend, Mythic Creature and Folk Legend. I salute you. Even if you are a figment of Bills imagination or Spam Ramsley. Now Bill is another Urban Legend, but more of the Beetlejuice varity - says his name 3 times and BAM - suddenly you got "Billjuice."
I took your compliment in the spirit in which it was intended - I'm actually thrilled that you did as you don't pass them out that freely.
I'm not here to raise anyones hackles - well - okay, maybe I will from time to time, but not out of mean spiritedness, that's not my style. Only to provoke talk.
While the Edie Sedgewick notion is a noble one, I don't think it can be pulled off in a forum such as this - but I hope I'm wrong as those involved seem so committed to the ideal. I'm NOT putting anyone down by that - just expressing genuine concern for the concept. But faith and committment go a long way. I'm just one little guy who stumbled through when "Brian" was just Brian and Marcel was just another punk on guitar called Frank, and the foundation was being laid that everything after might happen as it did.
Before there was Edie, there was all that came before that she might become who she became. And for the love or God, who ever he or she may be, just please stop calling me Mr. Willis - I'm David.


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