Friday, December 06, 2002

And now my final words on "Suffragette City:" First, no one seems to have picked up on the JUXTAPOSITION part of the equation, just being in Cowboys with some confused Skoal-dipping, Nascar-watching, wife-pounding good ol' boys listening to it. That was real live fun. Second, I would never assert that my tastes are musically cooler than anyone else's. To me, that's just bad manners (hint, hint.) It was about a PERSONAL totem. Like this: suppose as a child you just loved to go to Coney Island. Then one day many years later, as you were moving into your little grey cubicle somewhere in corporate America, you found a Coney Island token. Now, you might not give a shit about going to Coney Island anymore, but wouldn't it seem like a message to you that maybe some kind of new fun was waiting for you, something you might have missed had you not been alerted to the fact that it was even possible? That's the significance of the Nightmares covering "Suffragette City" for me.


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