Friday, December 06, 2002

Vapidity is in the eye of the beholder. Offense also. For the record, my reading of the "uncalled for" comment also bestows a compliment on your story, Mr. Willis. The concept behind "Johnson City Stories" (a work-in-progress title) if I may presume to speak for Ms. Hines as well as myself, was to provide something like a continous open mike to record as many stories as possible from the JC/Nightmares/Stinky et al "scene" before any more damage occurs to the brains involved. (All things considered, I'm using the term "brain" loosely.) The project was conceived with an eye towards someday producing an oral-history-style book, a la George Plimpton's biography of Edie Sedgewick. In this way, we would just be editors; the real "authors" would be the others who lived it with us. If this seems too vapid for you, well...Appy-olly-loggies. If not, blog away! Julie's post raises the question, can we not reconstruct the past while fomenting resistance to the Bush ogre in the present? Well, can we not?


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