Tuesday, December 17, 2002

So, like, there was this one night somewhere along the 80's where Roland Tester and myself thought that it might be a good thing to link up with this "Folk Band" that played at the Soup Kitchen Annex for a demo tape they were about to make. Ended up sounding like Kieth Moon and John Entwhistle backing Peter, Paul and Mary - Hey, they put that 10 on the volume control for a reason damnit! And anyone that has ever heard Roland play knows that the beat is in HIS yard and he puts it any where he damn well pleases!
But that's not the story - the story begins somewhere before the beginning. With us being invited to flesh out the very folkey "3 A.M." I believe it was Pat Taber (say hi to Chris Slaughter Pat) and her brother, whose name escapes me but he most likely was a Taber as well. There was Rick Phillips and Donna Leonard - Roland and I wanted Donna back then.
Sooooo being as that group was comprised of them "Artsy Mountain Folk" all their friends was "Artsy Mountian Folk" as well - Sooooo Donna has a wine and chesse party and wants us to meet their friends. Roland drank all the wine he could find and when that was no good - he went for the beer he had brought with him. Now throughout this little hoedown they were all taking turns, singing "Artsy Mountian Folk" songs and having a lovely time - I got handed a guitar and played a song of mine, "Bring me the head of Jerry Garcia" after which no one let me have a guitar again. Roland, God rest his soul, had been not only drinking, but eating cheese - lot's and lot's o' cheese. So after some convincing that we didn't really want to be there, we headed off on our way. But Roland is a LOT drunker and cheese laden than I thought. He does get home okay, but now faces that looooong walk from the car to his house as he throws up all the way - that boy was heaving like a champion! It all looks like some mob hit on Hickory Farms! But Rolands finds peace at last, but not in his house - it's in a big puddle of beer, wine and cheese out on the front lawn. And it rains during the night while Roland is left for dead on the front lawn until the sun comes up and his parents have to bring him in with the morning paper. And that is what begat the whole 80's music scene in JC - Roland sacrificed himself and sat the whole thing in motion. You heard it right here on the Booger.....oops, sorry, the Blogger


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