Saturday, January 18, 2003

Let's not forget that "Almost Famous" is the second script based on the early carreer of Cameron Crowe. The first was... (Drum roll goes here) ......... "Fast Times At Ridgemont High," which by the way was first a piece of crap as a book. I read it while working at the bar in 1982 at South West Depot, which was later to be called Richard A's.

Few of us remember South West Depot, but it is where I first met Bruce, Brian, Ralph Dosser, and I beleive T. Cecil. Beer was $1.25 a pitcher at happy hour, which would have been a bargain had the beer not been Falstaff (unless something else was cheaper by the keg.)

Kudos to Rick for exposing the softer side of the arab world........

Kurt, have you considered switching your cat's food to a more pleasing scent,, or getting that pussy off of your face?

Come back Plez, Come back......... She didn't mean it, she didn't know what she was saying..... Come back Plez.......


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