Thursday, January 09, 2003

The pictures are fab, Julie!

Brook, maybe the way it went was, you guys did the photo shoot and you came back and said, "If only we could've got a whole bunch of groceries, too, it would've made such great pictures." And I probably said, "If only we could get a whole bunch of groceries. And some toilet paper." But the idea stuck, anyway. And those dingleberries are long gone.

I will have to work on the loss of vision story. The way I remember it, it was not so much the loss of vision that counted, it was where I was when I lost it. I may need Barb's permission to tell this story. And Kurt, if you remember, it all started with a haircut she gave you...

In the meantime, help me reconstruct a weirdo event you were present at. I was living at #5 Melubro with Brook, this was probably was in May or April of...'89, and you and me and Brook and maybe a couple other people got a bunch of kitchen implements (pots and pans and maybe a cheese grater) and a tambourine and went on foot through the Gump addition, clanging and hooting and actually not getting the cops called on us. It rained a tiny little rain on us, and we decided in view of this success that we must've been doing a rain dance and just weren't aware of it. I remember spending a long time looking at a street lamp that was so totally overgrown with kudzu that it looked like a skinny giant. And as I remember, we were all totally straight. No, really! What was that all about?


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