Sunday, January 12, 2003

Scattered thoughts:
I was upstairs cleaning this morning and Jason & the Scorchers (Fervor) came wafting up the stairs-I hadn’t heard it in so long it was more like a flood of memories than an album of songs. All of a sudden I was in Ann & Collette’s apt on the J.boro hwy (Lisa you mentioned it a while back-you first met Ann there) Somehow I also ended up there as (basically) a stranger. Brook was living a dorm and I was living back at my parent’s house. Ann needed to move soon and Brook wanted out of the dorms and I knew how to cut and color hair (& needed to get out of my parent’s house). Maybe Marybeth Tober had taken me there originally? It didn’t matter- because I just felt like it was where I was supposed to be. soon after we all moved into the apt on Poplar St.

Another night Paul Eckelmen ended up there and noone knew him either- we all sat around for hours talking about who he could be (with his input) Maybe Rodney Webb dropped him off there? Or Tony Black? All that we knew for sure was that he was an art student so we called him “the art narc” for the entire evening- he didn’t seem to care. This was the same night (I think) that we marched-in single file- out to the graveyard. We each had something with us- the karma monster, Paul McCartney’s head on a string, play doh, etc. I don’t know what we were doing- but it was early early morning and from out of nowhere a small Jonesboro man started following us asking us for a cigarette. I think we ignored him for a long time to see how long he’d follow us. He stuck around for quite a while-I don’t know if anyone ever gave him a cig. He wasn’t very impressed by Paul McCartney’s head on a string.

Jason &The Scorchers have a little mention here in Nashville at the Country Music Hall of Fame(a place worth going just for the bldg., alone) I think that’s pretty cool.

And Lisa-you have my permission to tell what ever stories you want! If your story about losing your sight is the same evening we were driving from Perry&Krystal’s and I couldn’t feel my feet on the gas (or brake) peddles........go for vocabulary isn’t big enough/typing skills efficient enough to tell that story!

Here’s a few tiny pics from Johnson City:


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