Friday, March 07, 2003

You know , this thing on the blog has been amusing for a time, but boredom is setting in with this megalomaniac just lashing out blindly at everyone, getting cheap mastabetory thrills out of all the negative attention and reinforcement that he seems to thrive upon. He has accused me of projecting what he assumes to be my issues on to him and he doesn't appreciate it. Hey, I just calls 'em as I see's em Slim. His petty attacks hurt no one, and I am just amused at his psuedointellectual oratories that just ramble and focus on nothing. I might suggest that he get's his own Blog spot and call it something like.... "The World as you should see it. I know who and what I am, being a rather self-actualized fellow ( surely he does remember Maslow, doesn't he?). Methinks he doth project too much. So let us all take pity on this wretched and traumatized inner-child that is very angry that someone did'nt love him enough or show him enough attention.


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