Wednesday, January 21, 2004

From the desk of the Plez

Just a few things:

Bobby: Thanks for your review of the New Year's Eve thing with Rob Russell and his band.

When we were doing "Whole Lotta Rosie," I of course had to do the Angus/Chuck Berry thing and run around. As soon as I jumped off the stage, I ran into a chair a woman was using for her black velvetty coat. I knocked it over into the wetness and mucky muck on the floor. Hey, I was rocking. I couldn't stop and pick it up, though I did try to prevent it from falling over. Anyway, after the second song, the show was over, and I walked by her table and noticed that she had just left the coat lying there in disgust. I turned the chair back upright and said I was sorry, but you could tell she wasn't too impressed by that.

The moral is: rock is like war. You have to expect some casualties.

Julie: Please don't worry about that job. Are you thinking that I'm mad about that? Not at all. That was just one of 30 or 40 jobs I applied to last year and didn't get. I knew it wasn't 'cause you had told 'em never to hire me.

Ok, that's it from here. And yes, Black Sabbath was a great band.



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