Sunday, April 10, 2005

And while we are on the subject of prizes....

Recently Sean “P-Diddy” Hannity and Joe Scarborough had a Dr. William Hammesfahr on their shows and repeatedly referred to him as having been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. This claim was based on a letter that Rep. Mike Bilirakis (R-Fll) wrote nominating the good Doctor. Only problem is that Bilirakis is not qualified under the rules of the Nobel Assembly to nominate the Doctor. Never the less these fair and balanced journalists touted this phony nomination as part of the Doctor’s credentials (this was during the Schivo matter and I will let you guess which side the Doctor took.)

Well if Representatives from Florida can nominate fringe practitioners for prestigious awards, then so can I. Without further adieu, here are my Nobel nominations for this year:

I nominate Brook, Tony (not Tony), Julie, and Elizabeth (Brook) for the Nobel prize in Journalism (Don’t worry if there is no such prize, me and Queen Sylvia are close.)

I nominate Ric for the Nobel Peace prize (as he ain’t killed nobody.)

I nominate Kurt for the Nobel Prize in Medicine (seems appropriate as he is the only medical practitioner that I know,)

I nominate Bill for the Nobel Prize in Letters (yeah I know it seems self serving but I figure it will look good on a resume.)

I nominate AC/DC for the Nobel Prize in Rock, and Skynrd for the Nobel Prize in Rock (Southern Division)

I nominate Bill Elliott for the Nobel Prize in Nascar.

I nominate the Titans Cheerleaders for the Nobel Prize in Spirit and Peppiness.

And I nominate Plez for the Nobel Prize in Occasionally Published Online Newsletters (a new category, but one I have great hopes for.)

Feel free to make your own nominations in the comments section, those will be every bit as binding as my own, or Rep.Bilirakis'.


Blogger bill said...

Damnit! I forgot to nominate John and Drew for the Nobel Prize in Bass.... Alas! Consider yourselves nominated.

Sunday, April 10, 2005 2:46:00 PM  

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