Wednesday, December 18, 2002

You know, it's my contention that the JC music thang go its start in 1983 or so. And not in the clubs and bars, but at a table in the lunch room at ETSU. And it was set into motion by a group of people that were loosely know as the "Judas Priest Fan Club." Not that any of us liked or even gave a shit about Judas Priest - It's just that by devine intervention this gaggle of individuals all happened to show up on the same day all sporting our leather jackets and someone mumbled as they walked past us "Well, looks like the Judas Priest Fan Club has showed up." Rather than being pissed at this derisive remark, we all just said "Okay, let's be that!" Now this group of musically adventursome folk included, but not limited to, Al Hobbs and Mike Mull (arguably the best fuckin' front man JC ever produced) Bill Edwards, Myself, Roland Tester, Rebecca Tanton, Karma and on occasion, Brian Nightmare. Now there were these others from University High that would come over and hang with us as we discussed and planned the JC musical landscape. Now these younger folk from the high school included Frank Spangler others that went on to become former Stinky Brothers. Al Hobbs and Mike Mull were already out there with their band, "Plain Truth." And all of the Judas Priest Fanclub folk were there at their first show, a game room whose name escapes me. But it was a GREAT show. Al and Mike were slammin and freakin as the drummer and bass player just tried like hell to hang on.
But Frankie and them other kids played that same show and had opened for Mike and Al, watching and learning. Just as they had been in the lunchroom at that table with the JPFC. Bill and I wrote songs and term papers for most anyone who dropped by, put bands together and plotted and planned - I would show the Plain Truth bass player new licks on the bass - some reason I packed my Rickenbacker 4001 everywhere then - and anyone else who needed to learn how to do something on bass. Bill was not a good guitar player then, but what he lacked in technique, he made up for in spirit and rubber lobsters. One thing about Bill - I loaned him my cherished Rick....and he SOLD it! Bill, if and when you drop by - help fill in the blanks for me.


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