Thursday, April 06, 2006

In Today's News

So Katie "Slow Pitch" Couric is leaving the Today Show. This is probably just as well. This morning she interveiwed Bill "The only Senator trained to perform abortions" Frist about legeslation he had introduced to create a nationwide registry of sex offenders. In the interveiw she pointed out that this registry would not stop child molesters as so many of them do not have criminal records many are "doctors, lawyers, accountants..." Katie (and I feel we are on a first name basis) didn't mention that they are often REPUBLICAN EMPLOYEES OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURTIY!!! Ya know, I would have thought something like that might have come up. I mean, she has a guy that is the Senate Majority Leader, 4th in line to the President, a guy that was instrumental in creating the Dept of Homeland Security, talking about child molesters, and not once did she think "Hey I should ask him about those perverts that are working at the DHS!!!!" Nope that didn't work it's way into the conversation at all...

Surprisingly, she did think to ask Frist if he thought that the Tom Delay affair would hurt republicans in the fall (he didn't think so by the way)but she forgot to ask:

"Is your filing of the sex offender registry bill so quickly have anything to do with the flak you Republicans are getting for having so many molesters on staff?" or

"Do you think that so many republican officials actually being child molesters will undermine republican credibility when it comes to stopping child molesters?" or

"Gosh Senator, with so many republicans getting nabbed trolling for 14 year olds online do you really think the republicans have any moral authority on this issue? or

"Gee Senator Frist, which are there more of, Republicans that have taken illegal money from Abramoff or Republican child molesters at DHS?" or

"Senator, is it true many republican officials favor twenty seven year olds simply because there are twenty of them?"


Blogger Miss Kitty said...

Katie Couric needs a make-over. Her stylist should be kicked to the curb. That ghastly dry beige balding hair-do and the dreadful age enhancing make-up give her a transvestite look (no offense meant to transvestites. Maybe when she gets to CBS, they'll spruce her up a bit.

Thursday, April 06, 2006 3:04:00 PM  
Blogger Shameless Dave said...

You've got a point there, Miss...Kitty(?). I just can't imagine this light weight trying to carry on the duties of icons like Cronkite and the unfairly ousted Dan Rather. However, the transvestite visual I now have orbiting wildly inside my brames isn't helping at all. At age 49, she makes a better transvestite than an actual, real time Katie (or will that be Katherine for the big chair?)Couric.

Thursday, April 06, 2006 3:55:00 PM  

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