Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Whoa nelly, let me rise to my defense re: the thievery of said Rickenbacker,,Dave sold it to me for $150 when he had gotten a newer one. Along with the bass he sold me my trusty Fender Super Reverb amp. I still have the amp, although when I finally got around to retubeing it a few years back it promptly blew up....sounded killer for about 10 minutes before it's final gut wrenching demise. As Dave I am sure now recalls what irritated him about me selling it was that I bought it for $150, and sold it for $200 about a year later,,,,Ah the wonders of capitolism!!! (I am currently in the car business by the way...)

As to filling in the blanks on the Judas Priest Fan Club, I don't recall anyone of us admitting to liking Judas Priest, but I remember Donnie Poole, John Smith, Frank Spangler from University High, as well as Brian and the others from ETSU. In addition there was a deaf girl who would lip read the conversations of people that stared at us (and given our garb and Rebbeca's purple hair that was a constant.) It was about this time that I learned that Frank, John and Donnie could play, and due to that knowledge I contacted Frank in 1984 to help put together the band (5 Neat Guys) that preformed the music at the Community Theatre production of Grease. This band would form the original core of Final Curtain,,,,and the rest as they say, is history!


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