Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I think 63 Eyes was just Mark and that guy Todd...Burge? and somebody else; anyway, when I saw them, Donnie was not part of the outfit. I had a tape made off the sound board at the Pub that was probably my favorite thing ever. "I couldn't look at your face any more so I memorized your ashtray," "self-inflicted head full of lead," etc., fuckin' genius. I knew Brook would remember all those band names 'cause of all those Highlander calendars she did for that dork of an owner. They had a contractual dispute (he tried to welsh out of paying her) so Brook, reasonably, made a move to take her delicious and well-thought-out artwork back. This guy sought to act wise and he NAILS the entire stack of calendars to the BAR. That's ok, 'cause Brook whips out her trusty zippo and that's right, TORCHES 'em on the bar. I think that was the last time he got uppity with Ms. Hines.

One more: 24-7 Spyz


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