Sunday, March 09, 2003

Tony: I was not linking the shootings and bombings to your writings, and apologize for any confusion there, I was merely pointing out that the orignal reason for linking RICO to the anti abortion movement was not an effort to subdue peaceful protest, but the interstate organization of those crackpots that use violence in the name of God. The impetus to use RICO came, as I recall, from that group of wackos that were publishing dead or alive posters with pictures of Doctors on them. One of those Dr.s was among those shot, and of course Rudolph was linked to the abortion clinic bombings prior to the Atlanta bombing,,,,,,

That being said, being called down by Brook on a blog is almost, but not quite, as cool as getting called down by a Priest at Vicki's wedding (which is still the coolest story not yet told on the blog)

On a side note, at various "turning point" times in human history there have been increased reports of UFO activity, Roswell and the H-Bomb being just one of many examples. Has anyone besides me heard of encounters in the southeast since last fall?


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